Monday, 11 February 2008

Victoria Beckham Passes On Mel C's Solo Gig

Victoria Beckham is stunning here in this woolen winter white belted coat with red aviator sunglasses and matching Hermes Birkin bag.

I love the red glasses, I have to get a pair of those.

She headed off to my favourite department store Bergdorf Goodman (never understood the appeal of Barneys) for some early morning shopping in New York City today.

Victoria Beckham did not attend Mel C's solo concert in New York on Saturday and as a result this has fuelled rumours of a rift between her and the other Spice Girls.

Emma, Geri and Mel B all turned up at the Manhattan Center to support their fellow bandmate.

They whooped, cheered and gave the singer a standing ovation at the end of her set, which was performed to a half-empty auditorium.

Personally I do not see the big deal. A few weeks ago she went to Mel's solo gig in LA, so she has seen the show.

Victoria is also looking after Cruz and maybe just wanted a little 'me' time with the little guy, what is so wrong with that?

Don't they know it is exhausting being fabulous and that she has carried the other 4 for far too long now. Mel C would not even be playing in New York if it was not for the Spice Girls reunion, so she should just be happy with that.

I am on a Victoria Beckham defensive from now on. I am tired of her getting the blame for this tour ending.

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bairre said...

i wish she had worn some tight-fitting black jeans instead of those baggy pants.

however, i love the way she looks. her sunglasses and the coat are just fabolous.

Amber said...

I agree with you 200% FC!

electra said...

Let's face it, if Emma was missing nobody would say a word.

Victoria was at MC's gig in LA last month, so i really don't see the reason why would they blame her.

It's true that Victoria is staying at a different hotel from the other Girls, but that's because she has fashion projects running up, so while she's in NY she works (and shops).

Btw, she looks so much better in these pictures. Those ones from yesterday were just awfull.

Fashion Critic said...

thanks for your support Amber ;)

Ryan said...

That's so wrong to even blame her. I agree with you, I bet she was spending time with Cruz, or doing something with fashion which is her new career. And in my opinion, hint the "half empyt auditorium" that she's not missing a lot... I mean I've never heard any of her songs on the radio or anything. Moi opinion.
In the end, who cares. Victoria can do whatever she wants. LIKE spending time with her little one Cruz.

peach said...

The rumors are so annoying. First everyone was so quick to jump all over both Mels for the tour ending, now it's VB. I also heard it's Emma having a hard time with having a young baby.

Maybe it's just all of them and the press needs to accept that. They don't seem to be fighting and if they are, they faked the love very well at their NY concert last week. I would think if it was one person, it would be obvious in their apology video - I'd think the others would be visibly annoyed. They're probably all just tired.

And the Mel C concert thing is ridiculous. Wasn't it only VB and Mel B who attended the one in LA? It's not like all four went and that didn't start a war. So why is it a big deal now.

These reporters need to chill.

Anonymous said...

hah lets just talk about her sunglasses....i want it...does anybody know the brand name of it? think its from her own line?

Law_garden said...

her sunglasses... i lovt it... i want it...

please tell me know what brand...

Fashion Critic said...

her glasses are her own brand dvb