Saturday, 21 July 2007

Who Wore The Pink Ostrich Birkin Better?

OK is not the fairest of polls considering Victoria is dressed up and Heidi is dressed down.

No matter what they are wearing, they are carrying the most coveted Hermes Ostrich Birkin in pink which cost £10,000.

Posh was gorgeous in pink at David's LA Galaxy's press conference last week, whereas Heidi Klum was casual and dressed down leaving an LA salon yesterday.


christopher said...

c'est pas ça heidi clum??? berkkkkkkk,elle a grossi!!!heidi is fat and ugly,she as change and she is hold!!!viky is wonderful!!!

emma said...

Well I think the post above about Heidi being fat is a little harsh. She's certainly bigger than Victoria but not outright fat. Especially considering the rest of America. Her bag doesn't really match her outfit and I don't like her sunglasses or shoes. A black Birkin would have suited her better in my opinion. Victoria looks better here. Heidi Klum usually has her outfits right but not here.