Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Victoria Beckham And Jada Pinkett-Smith's Almost Identical Dresses

Had Victoria and Jada really been friends, they would have consulted each other on what the other was wearing. That is what girlfriends do.

Both wore sexy black baby-doll mini's showing plenty of leg and high heeled shoes. Victoria much have been furious when she saw what Jada was wearing, as this was her night.

This further proves my theory that the Smith's were only drafted into 'co-host' this bash in order for it not to be deemed as a Scientology event.

UPDATE: After reading some of your comments just wanted to say that I said the dresses are ALMOST the same, not the same. It is clear the dresses are not the same.



brit said...

lol i doubt she was really that worried about the dresses, but i reckon she should have worn somthing a bit more daring like u said before i didnt think she would have gone for black, but she did look gorgeous all the same. i think thouse shoes made the outfit though. so jelous of jada, i want to be carried by will

liv said...

my question is what happened to Victoria's own advice: If you bring your boobs out, put your legs away and vice versa. Hmmm...

stephanie said...

To be fair i don't think it matters that they wore similar dresses because they wore it differently...Jada doesn't look really comfortable...and in response to Victoria's advice about legs and boobs, we all know she likes to break her own rules and do daring stuff once in a while....remember she once said she'll never dye her hair blonde...well who's blonde now?

electra said...

Victoria is not really in touch with Jada, like she is with Katie. I believe (as there's a video on Splash) that they David & Vic dressed together with TomKat and they met with Will and Jada at the party.

I don't think the dresses are that similiar, it's just that they're short black dresses which are so stupid to wear during night-time as you can't see them properly.