Thursday, 26 July 2007

Adidas Shopping Spree

I wonder how many paparazzi followed David Beckham for his latest shopping spree on Wednesday, this time at Adidas.

After his shopping spree the Beckham's went to lunch with NBF Eva Longoria at the Chateau Marmont . I wonder who did all the talking at that lunch?

Did any of you catch the David Beckham’s Soccer USA? I did and it was hideous. Host Tim Lovejoy did not have a clue what he was talking about. It was embarrassing to watch. And I don't know why they call it David Beckham’s Soccer USA when it is not even really about David. He appeared in one pre-recorded interview which lasted 2 mins.

I won't be watching it again.



stephanie said...

Grouch! I guess they're using his name to promote it...i won't be suprised if we see David and Victoria at some of Tony's games, and Eva and Posh shopping, maybe they might drag Katie along

Anonymous said...

The show was horrible!
I wanted to see more Beckham!
not some other soccer team.
and the narrator wasn't all that exciting either. They should continue David Beckham: New Beginnings. that was much better than the crap i saw on tv. but i hope it gets better.

AdminVoilalaMode said...

eva looks terrible without makeup