Thursday, 12 July 2007

250,000 Beckham Galaxy Shirts Sold in the US

David Beckham has sold more than 250,000 shirts for his new club LA Galaxy in the US and he has not even played yet.

The club introduced a new, all white Real Madrid-esqe kit to coincide with Beckham's arrival and orders were flooding in before pictures of the strip had been released.

The shirts with his name and No23 on the back are being sold for £40/$80 each. Galaxy president Alexi Lalas said: "That is a great start. People were buying them unseen because we are rebranding.

There is an incredible interest in the Galaxy right now and in seeing the new Beckham jersey.

Before we couldn't compete, now, it is driven by Beckham and the coolness factor of a US team."

Beckham's presence at Real Madrid sold more than a million shirts for the club in his first six months there and they recouped his £24.5m transfer fee from Manchester United in the first season.

Brand Beckham will never die.

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stephanie said...

Ha!!! This is what i LOVE to hear, good news makes my heart i just hope he bonds and gets along well with his team mates as they've been reporting that there's beef for him due to his PAY!