Thursday, 26 July 2007

Victoria Beckham Shopping At Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, and that is where Victoria Beckham was shopping today with her friend and hairstylist Ben Cooke. They look they are stocking up as they both had a full trolley.

Victoria looks fabulous here wearing a Rick Owens top, her own capri pants, those gorgeous Sergi Rossi shoes wore on her birthday shopping trip in Paris, plus my favourite of her (many) Hermes bags.

Victoria must be furious to hear The Sun newspaper reporting that Lindsay Lohan has bet her friends $50k that she will bed David Beckham by December, knowing that Victoria is away on tour with the Spice Girls this winter.

I personally don't believe this story because firstly I Lindsay will be in prison very soon and secondly as if David would even touch that.

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Anonymous said...

she looks so good!!

I LOVE Whole Foods!great food but a little expensive! ;)

matt said...

i love the shoes, i need it

brit said...

it makes me lv victoria even more seeing her shopping in super markets, its fab! lol tbh this is the sun were talking about, the sun to us is like the enquierer to america, dont belive everything u read, they so stir stuff up to fill up their trashy pages. i doubt v much if victoria is that botherd, like u said 1 the girl will prob b in prison soon and too, just no

emma said...

How disturbing what The Sun was reporting... I can't even describe my disgust!

As her outfit goes, she looks great! It's so simple but really quite chic!