Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Beckhams Book Updated

This book was first published back in October 2000. The writer Andrew Morton is bringing their story up to date. The book has been revised bringing their lives up to the present day.

It provides details on recent events including David's move from Real Madrid to LA Galaxy, the Rebecca Loos affair, the birth of their two youngest sons Romeo and Cruz, and Victoria's TV career.

New photos have been included also, but I wonder how new they could be to us who have seen everything.

The book is due to be on sale soon via Amazon and Waterstones in the UK.


BettY said...

Do you know were I can download Victoria Beckham: Coming to America?I really wanna see it!!I dont live in the States or in England so i cant watch it on tv:(Do you know a site or something?

brit said...

its stupid but i h8 hearing about that nasty cow rebbecca L. i thought fine but then she made a carreer out of it which just proves what a bitch she is, and went on every reality tv show possible. so sick. i cant wait till tonight tho for vics show, from what i herd shes gained fans which is kool,im people have seen her for what she is now.