Friday, 27 July 2007

Another Beckham Haircut

David Beckham showed off his new hair cut while visiting his favourite coffee shop, The Coffee Bean.

When David first got the bleach blonde I did not like it, now he has buzzed it off I miss it.

Again David does not look too happy, maybe it is because he has been ruled out of the LA Galaxy's match on Saturday against Mexican side Chivas de Guadalajara in the cross-border Superliga competition.

David unfortunately still has not recovered from his ankle injury. He is expected to make his Major League Soccer debut at Toronto on Sunday week.

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stephanie said...

Damn, my man looks hella hella sexy. I just lurrv it when he frowns, that's when he looks his best to me, that mean

brit said...

it really might jut be me but does david look abit like bono with a shaved head in the pic?!!?! but its ok tho he looks same david in all the other pics, gorgeous