Thursday, 5 July 2007

Which Dress Should Victoria Wear?

Victoria Beckham will be wearing a dress from RM by Roland Mouret's debut line for her Jay Leno appearance on the 13th July.

Why RM?

Well it is because Simon Fuller finanically backed Roland after his split with his former partners.

Victoria will become the RM brand ambassador. Much to the dislike of a lot of fashion journalists who believe Victoria Beckham has the ability to kill a brand.

I have picked out my favourite dresses from his collection.

Please vote on the dress you would like to see Victoria wear.



brit said...

i dont think she should go too concervativly coz then shel seem too uptight to people. i chose dress b coz i think it would b perfect, but i also think shed look ab gorgeous in dress g or f as theyre slightly more casual than the others.

Lilflowa said...

I like A and B because they are very victoria HOWEVER i would go with dress D as its more free and seems more fun and approachable n i think tht would be better for her image as she is often percieved as up tight.... loll

Fashion Critic said...

I agree that B would be perfect but I agree that she needs to go against the obvious so G would be more fun like Brit said.

emma said...

Dress C is so pretty and very unique on the bottom in it's shape. Black is always my choice in color over dresses in white.

thinista said...

Not surprised at the results - best keep it consevative at first