Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Plane Crazy

David Beckham's trip to today for the MLS All-Star game in Denver will go ahead, despite air travel being partly blamed for the swelling in his ankle that will reduce his LA Galaxy debut on Saturday to a cameo.

Confirmation that Beckham will board a plane to Colorado is the clearest evidence yet of the commercial pressures on him and the ridiculousness of this whole situation.

Beckham was not due to play in the MLS match but will still be there in an ambassadorial role when rest and physio would have better improved his prospects of playing against Chelsea in the so-called World Series of Football (rolls eyes)— a game for which all 27,000 tickets have been sold. Surely his fitness is more important, no? Or am I just being naive?

The Beckham camp insisted on Tuesday night that he will come on as a substitute against Jose Mourinho's Chelsea men but there is virtually no chance of him starting. His damaged left ankle is said to be "better than it was when he played the last two games of the season for Real Madrid" but is still swollen.

On a lighter note check out this cute video of Becks' MLS photo-shoot. The man knows his best side...every side.



stephanie said...

Maybe they plan on freezing his leg all-through the flight with ice and defrosting it when they touch down...lunatics!!!

brit said...

i think its pretty stupid, i think they are really set on having this big thing for david, its alot of pressure, but surley they must have kinda realised that if he plays it could make his ankle worse and then set him bk a couple more games which would really bug them...