Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Beckhams Land In LA Today

Can't wait for the pictures.

I hope they fly commercial. Private will not see they go through LAX, but with the kids and the likely media scrum, I would fly private.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog!!
I read it every morning, I love it.

electra said...

I doubt the kids will fly with them, they are either already in LA or will arrive later.

Anonymous said...

Flying private such a distance would be at least $200,000 ONE WAY! & it's also extremely harmful to the enviroment - especially when British Airlines 1st class products are so good & some of the best available ... Both B.A & Virgin are amazing in First / Upper Class ... The beckhams always fly virgin upper class so I'm guessing they will today ... In British Airways First theres only 8 seats so if they include security then they'll have the entire cabin to themselves but like i said, they'll go on virgin & be placed at the front of upper class

Fashion Critic said...

They flew BA as in the video above they walked to the BA VIP lounge.

Anon you sound like you have flow First/Upper...lucky you. I have only managed Business.

Fashion Critic said... looks like they did fly with the kids