Tuesday, 17 July 2007

'Coming To America' Verdict

OK, so I just finished watching Victoria's 'Coming To America' and I must say I am a tad disappointed. The show was ironic the whole way through. I love to see her funny side, but I felt I did not see the real Victoria.

Some of you will think I am not a real fan because I did not love it, but I am always honest when it comes to Victoria.

The critics were not nice. The New York Post said: "the show was an orgy of self-indulgence."

Her funniest lines were:

"I really thought my silicone was gonna fly out my armpit"

"I would rather die than wear ballerina pumps"

"It's exhausting being fabulous"

"They can do whatever they want to do (to the blow up doll) as long as I get my dress back"

"Aren't all homes are build from the ground up?"

Next week ITV will be showing David Beckham's documentary. Can't wait for that.

UPDATE: I have been informed that you can dowload Victoria's show here. Just click the top were it says download. I am guessing it being an hour show it may take a while.


brit said...

oo i thought i was going to be the only one coming on here saying im dissapointed, i agree with all of what u said, i still like her so its fine, but i was disapointed, it was just her taking the piss the whole way through which is fine but i really do prefer seeing the real victoria and that dissapointed me. i think it was ovely staged by the tv company and abit too much bubble gumish, i def preferred the one in the uk from a few years ago, sori!

stephanie said...

I didn't even bother watching it because after i saw a preview of it i knew i was gonna be disappointed...i'm glad i'm not the only one who felt that way...and i dont think this is gonna help her be accepted more in LA...i mean, the show wasn't even reality was it? I watched the last 15 minutes and i have to say as much as i absolutely love her, i was gutted

Anonymous said...

I loved it...I just think that it felt really edited and short..had we seen the full 6 episodes as planned..we would have seen a lot more of Victoria..but this is more like an introduction for Americans who are not familiar with her...Victoria fans have known about her since Spice Girl days and have seen other documentaries of her...and know more about her.

Anonymous said...

I heard it didnt do all that well in the ratings ..only 4 million viewed the show but it beat everyone in its time slot...and most people Ive talked to said they like her more from viewing the show.and Im from LA..and people are very cynical about celebs here.

Anonymous said...

I DONT KNOW, I LOVED IT. you can see very poor video of it on youtube.

emma said...

I thought it was great. It was hilarious and a little scary when her assistant was asking if she would ever be David's assistant. I loved when the kid asked her why she talked funny. :) For only a one hour special, I don't know what else you could have fit in there. It was very funny.

I believe you can see the entire show on the NBC website.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was ok, it could have gone better but for an 1hr show they had to cut so much, it felt like it was missing something. I think that if it had been a 2hr special we might have seen more of the real victoria. But its cool, I just hope people in America get to see the cool vic we all know and love.

Anonymous said...

the show was really funny... I laught a lot but mabye some people can think that the life of victoria is always like this

electra said...

This thing is, the purpose of this show was for non-fans, so called "haters" to see that she does smile and that she's funny.

I think many fans were a bit dissapointed with it, but i'm happy to see the show did it's purpose as the general conclusion would be "i used to hate her, but now i love her", and i believe that was their mark.

And thank God it's only a one-off as the series would get really boring after a while, as every scene was showing her being funny in a different staged situation.

Now i know deluded people like Shiraz think nothing was staged, but it was all staged and looked kinda silly, but it was for the US audience, and they're used to that, i just don't get it why they showed this in UK.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I am a big fan to Victoria Beckham and maybe the first fan of your blog...I visit it twice a day...but I have to admit that the show really disapointed me...she looks like so superficial,and false.Her only preocupation is to know how she looks like, what the people will think about her, her image...she is not natural, not at all.
I am really sad because I am a big fan..but I wanna be honest.

( I am sorry for my english but i am spanish)


brit said...

yea agree, i think the fans of her from her other docs were hoping to see victoria in her down to earth, funny personality, but this was mainly for the Americans to see shes not a miserable cow as perceived and i dont really think it was that good an idea to show it over here, because the jouralits love the fact it showd her being high maintenace even tho it was a piss take alot of people are kinda naive and belive it. so for her next documentary i hope she does show the victoria that i think people warm to. saying that it was funny

peach said...

I was very disappointed, I love her and felt like if anyone didn't already appreciate her great sense of humor and fun, they weren't going to get it from this show. She came across so much better in the reality show when they first move to Madrid after living in the hotel. Is it called The Real Beckhams? Loved loved loved her in that. This show portrayed her as a condescending princess who does nothing but pose all day. Very disappointed in it. :(

peach said...

And if anyone thinks most of it wasn't staged, come on! It was already published that the cop was a retired cop not a real one.

Fashion Critic said...

And the PA was an actress/comedian

Fashion Critic said...

The show did its purpose which was to show she was funny and that she could smile.

Like Electra said it was for the non believers. I loved the documentary The Real Beckhams...that was REAL and far less superficial