Sunday, 15 July 2007

On The Cover - LA Times 'Image' Magazine

Victoria on dressing appropriately:
"However you’re built, be mindful of the rule that if you get your boobs out, put your legs away and vice versa."

On one of her beauty tricks:
"I just throw on the Chanel sunglasses, which really do, as the fashion magazines say, hide a multitude of sins."

On her lifelong love of fashion:
"I tried to customize my school uniform, because I went to a very strict Church of England school. I used to get sent into the toilet every single day at school to take off my makeup and brush my hairspray out."

On not getting what you want:
"Olivia Newton-John in “Grease” was an inspiration. Remember when she wore those tight black satin trousers? One of my mom’s friends promised me those and she never came up with the goods. I still look at her and say, ‘You cow!’ You should never promise a child something and not come up with it."

Read the full interview it is great, you finally find out who designed her MTV dress, where she got her Ostrich Birkin, among other things.

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