Sunday, 22 July 2007

Did David Gamble On His Ankle?

There was an anxious moment in stoppage time when CFC midfielder Steve Sidwell brought Beckham down with a challenge that left the England star grimacing on the floor and clutching his ankles.

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In the post match conference David revealed his participation had finally been sanctioned just hours before kick-off but he now faces another anxious wait to see if he will pass fit to face Mexican side Pachuca on Tuesday night in the new SuperLiga tournament which I think is just ludicrous as he is OBVIOUSLY NOT FULLY FIT.

David said, "But I'm really pleased because I wanted to be out there and I put a lot emphasis on the game tonight. My ankle has swollen up slightly but that was going to happen anyway, so we'll see how it is tomorrow.

It's just one of those injuries that footballers get. Everybody knows I sprained it in the England game and I played four days after and pulled the ligaments. Then I had the last game of the season a week after and I had three injections to numb it and I played in that game without any feeling in my foot."

"So there were always going to be problems after that but that's what I wanted to do to play in that game."

With regard to the flying tackle from Steve Sidwell Beckham added: "I saw him coming and I jumped just in time, so my foot wasn't actually planted when he hit me.

I got up and you expect that in games. He's a competitive player, it's going to be his first start of the season, he's a good player, he's done well in the Premiership so far and now he's playing for a club like Chelsea so he's going to want to smash some people along the way, even if it's in a friendly. Unfortunately it was me tonight but that's fine. That's part and parcel of being a footballer."

In answer to my own question, yes, I think he gambled unnecessarily on his ankle, and the fact that he is being lined up to play in a a match on Tuesday is crazy. Those boys will not go easy on him, in fact they will target him knowing he has a injury.

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emma said...

I think it was necessary for David to show at least 5 minutes yesterday, but he does NOT need to play against Pachuca on Tuesday. I'm being honest when I say I've watched on TV Pachuca play against MLS clubs before, and they do play dirty. I have nothing against Pachuca but I know they are not likely to go easy on David if he does end up playing. This is a major risk to take knowing he isn't fit.

Anonymous said...

I watch the game and LA Galaxy really are awful, and the thought constantly
sprung up in my mind, "Do they want to lose deliberately in spite of DB", yes it was only a exhibition match but just wow they suck.

brit said...

i dont think we have to worry emma, hes been England captain and won so money games against differnt countries, i think he can handle nasty play by now ;)

emma said...

Well, the Galaxy are pretty bad, but they weren't that bad against Chelsea. It's hard for me to admit as a United fan, but Chelsea is one of the best clubs in the world and they only beat the Galaxy by one goal. It isn't even like Chelsea dominated play the entire game either. Cech had to pull off some nice saves too.

emma said...

lol, thanks Brit. I'm not that worried but I don't like seeing anyone hurt.