Wednesday, 25 July 2007

David Beckham Hates The LA Paparazzi

David Beckham is worried that all the attention he has been attracting since his arrival in the States could end in tragedy.

He said: "It's definitely over the top here in LA.

In London, if we'd go out to dinner, there would be four or five cars following us.

The other night we had 47. No joke. I get nervous. They run red lights and you're just waiting for accidents to happen."

LA insiders admit that the city's snappers are the most ferocious in the world and will literally fight for the right picture.

After their shopping spree yesterday they had a police escort to keep the paparazzi away.

It is great see pictures of them, but is also scary to know the lengths some of the paparazzi go to for a picture. Becks also might be surprised to know that the majority of them are actually from Europe.



Anonymous said...

If they didn't do the reality shows, they wouldn't have this press following. In LA if you want to be left alone, you HAVE to be low key. No shopping on Robertsons, no lunch at the Ivy, etc.

Paps are insane over there, it's terrible. But I'm sure David will work out how to shake them once he's used to the area.

stephanie said...

I couldn't have said it better anon

Anonymous said...

How could they keep low profile?
they have done talkshows about them coming to america, ESPN had it all over, its not their reality series fault. Alot of people knew about them before its not like they didnt. and as they said the majority of the paparazzi was from Europe so duh.. they would have news on Posh and Becks in the states.

brit said...

i do agree that u probely could keep alow profile but his and her job is in the public eye and the biggest point of david coming to play for la galaxy was to make football wider known in the states, so corse they are going to do publicty but i just im kind of fed up with paps now, its like they're these lazy people who found out they can make a quid sitting on their arse in a car all day following celebs, pretty perthetic. i think thats why theres so many paps around now because theyve cottend on its pretty much an easy ride {secuse the pun} and u get a ton of money