Monday, 16 July 2007

LA Galaxy Plan World Tour

The owners of the Los Angeles Galaxy revealed yesterday they are planning to send David Beckham and the team on a lucrative world tour next year.

Galaxy chiefs have agreed to a money-spinning friendly in Sydney only six days after England's Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia in November but that is just the start of a global tour for Beckham.

Galaxy will also play his former club Real Madrid in Asia, a game that will cost the Americans close to £3million to convince the European giants to consider them as worthy opponents.

Kit firm Adidas, who are paying a huge slice of Beckham's record contract, are to begin negotiations with Newcastle, Liverpool and Chelsea about playing a series of prestigious friendlies in England next year. Tim Leiweke, president of the group that owns the Galaxy, said: "I think it's more than likely we're going to take a trip over to 'Jolly Old' England and do a game or two over there next year." He went onto say that, "If you can do six games a year, that can add significant value to the team."

Leiweke added: "We're mindful of giving David some rest so we're trying to be a little focused on making sure we don't overload the schedule this year.

"We're still focused on training in Asia and doing games there next year at the beginning of the season, and it's more than likely we're going to take a trip to England and do a game or two over there."

Leiweke added: "I've always felt the most important thing that David can do is prove to a lot of other players around the world that it's OK to come and play in this league."

I feel sorry for David. It looks like Leiweke is doing all he can just to expose David at every available opportunity. And to think, this is only the beginning.

Here are so super cute pictures of David getting some coffee at his local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf before his first training session with his team.

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stephanie said...

They really plan on milking out every penny they've paid for his the time he's done playing, exhausted would be an understatement of what he'll be feeling

brit said...

it must b pretty refreshing for david to just pop out to the shops, he couldnt have done this in the uk, did u see it when he got punked and got out of the car in the middle of the high st, he looked really worried. he looks pretty content here, yay.