Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Becks Pulls In 1.5 Million For ESPN

David Beckham is not expected top play in the team's SuperLiga opener today against Pachuca.

After getting his debut out of the way, Galaxy plan to give Beckham as much time as necessary to fully recover from an ankle injury.

The injury nearly kept him from making his debut Saturday. Beckham even said he wasn't "fit."

"There was a tremendous amount of focus and ultimately some pressure to see him in the first game," Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas told the league's Web site. "There was the excitement that ESPN built around it and there was excitement in the community. We got that over with and now we need to make sure he's good for the long term."

David will be please to know that his 12 minute debut against Chelsea on Saturday helped ESPN draw its highest EVER MLS game audience with a rating of 1.5 million people.

Looks like Brand Beckham is having a positive impact already.

Here are some cute picutres of the Beckham's with little cutie Romeo shopping in Beverly Hills this afternoon.

Victoria was wearing a cute tank top top with "Show Me The Money" on the back. Obviously an ode to Tom Cruise who made the saying famous in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire.

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emma said...

What a cutie Romeo is. But I think he's a little old to still be carried around on David's arm. Isn't he 4?

SCOTT E said...

Just so everyone knows, while you are all alseep across the pond....GALAXY WON TONIGHT 2-1