Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Beckham's 'Real' Wish To Stay In Madrid

David Beckham last night revealed how it broke his heart to quit Real Madrid.

He also revealed that he wanted to stay another three years in Spain.

David said "I felt capable of staying for longer at Real. I could have still played for three more seasons at the highest level.

"But after the club told me in January that they did not want to renew my contract, I took this decision.

The day we won the title with a 3-1 win over Real Mallorca my heart ached — but the decision was already taken.

I am going to continue to support Real Madrid and follow them next season."

This to me sounds like a man with a LOT of regret. Unfortunately it is too little, too late.


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stephanie said...

You know what, it's almost like something always happens before he leaves a club that hurts him....something like this happened with Man U where he was sold off unexpectedly or sumthing like that....i've been away for so long i've missed all the juice on your site Fashion Critic, now it's time for me to play catchback...i'm sure y'all missed