Tuesday, 24 July 2007

New Beginnings

After last week's tongue-in-cheek, ironic documentary on Victoria Beckham. I was relieved that David's documentary was more factual.

The most shocking thing for me from the documentary was to learn that Beckham had to train by himself at Real Madrid, after signing for LA Galaxy. Fabio Cappello would make Beckham and Ronaldo train alone once the media had left the training ground. I admire David because he held his head high and got on with the job. The satisfying thing from that is that Cappello has since been sacked. Which proves that..."what goes around, comes around."

The documentary was quite emotional in parts as he talked about the down times i.e. getting knocked out of the world cup, being dropped from the England and Real Madrid team, but I felt he feels he can make a difference in America.

About the hard times David said, "It's difficult at times but there's nothing that gives you that feeling of coming home and seeing the kids and spending time with the kids."

David also admitted he's a cry-baby. Asked if he was an emotional person, Becks replied: "Without a doubt. You know, I'll be sitting at home and we'll be watching a film that's not even upsetting and Victoria will turn round to me and say, 'Are you crying?'

"I've been an emotional person at home and when I'm at work. That's the way I've always been and that's the way I'll always be."

After watching this documentary I fell in love with David a little bit more. He is so sweet and genuine, but I still do wish they were back in Europe.

Those who have not seen the documentary can download it here


emma said...

That's great that he can share that he isn't afraid to cry sometimes. Only a real man could admit that.

brit said...

uh i was out last night so missed it, thank u for the down load fashion critic. i did catch the last ten minutes and just get so happy when i see how lovely and patriotic he is. im really pleased hes back on the England team and that Madrid wanted him bk in the end, because now he'l feel better about it all. he is really lovely and i hope he and the family have a fab time out there. i really really hope victoria will do another doc and show the normal her again too.