Monday, 30 July 2007

Posh On The View

It has been reported that Victoria Beckham has been in discussions with ABC executives with regards to her presenting on ‘The View’.

Personally, I do not believe this story. Victoria is based in LA, 'The View' is based in New York being the first major stumbling block.

She has the personality for this show, but being from England I don't think she would be able to speak with much authority on the subjects which will be about American things and American people she does not know.

Besides I thought Whoopi Goldberg was the front runner for the spot.



SCOTT E said...

Whoopie is the front runner, but there are TWO spots.....however, i agree with you, i doubt that Victoria is being considered for the 2nd spot

Rebecca said...

She'd certainly add an audience that Star and Rosie never could... too bad she's all the way across the country from the show.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't believe that story either and besides I remember that second spot probably going to Sherri Shepherd.