Sunday, 1 July 2007

Spice Girls In-Fighting?

Apparently all is not what it seems with the Spice Girls.

Read this article from today's News Of The World and make up your own mind.

Let me know what you think.


Bella said...

Anything written in "Screws of the World" is only ever true by sheer coincidence. They never name their sources and they get half the times and places wrong in each article--for example the Beckhams were not back in the UK until Thursday morning, so the Wednesday evening problem is made up. For all we know, it all is. (But other tabs and even news orgs will pick it up anyway, as always).

Fashion Critic said...

LOL well said Bella. They have barely started this new journey and already people are hoping that it fails. It is so sad but unfortunately that is the British mentality.

brit said...

truthfully there was always going to b a story about how they dont get on, its pretty perthetic but i dont belive it, they used to all share a house together before they got huge, and they all are just down to earth girls, i think there has been abit of uneasyness between victoria and geri because geri left without talking to them, but they have been friends again for years so i really doubt theres a problem, theyre all grownups im sure they can handle it.