Monday, 2 July 2007

Who Wore Roberto Cavalli Better?

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It looks like Kelly Rowland was inspired by the Roberto Cavalli corset that Victoria wore to the Glamour Awards in London which they both attended.

The following day Kelly wore the same corset in animal print to dinner at Nobu Berkeley in London.


electra said...

I can't decide really, i think they both look good, so i didn't vote for any.

But if you put the models in the poll, i would vote for them. I think both models wore it better.

Anonymous said...

The corset Victoria was wearing isn't Cavalli but Chanel.

Fashion Critic said...

Anonymous...we had this debate way back on 5th June when Victoria first wore this corset.

It is quite clearly Cavalli even though she told the world she was head to toe Chanel despite also wearing YSL tribute platforms.

Check out this post

Emma said...

I think Kelly wore it better, although I prefer the black over the animal print. If Victoria was wearing some longer shorts, I would have to say her, but since she isn't, I say Kelly. :)

They both wear it better than the models though.

brit said...

both look gorgeous but i have to say victoria, i think shes one of very few people who could carry this look and get away with it, so without a doubt Mrs Beckham

Andrea said...

I prefer the black corset over the animal I have to say Victoria.
BTW, Jessica Alba wore the same Cavalli corset in a GQ photoshoot

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Andrea. If it was a contest between Kelly and Jessica. Jessica wins hands down.