Thursday, 5 July 2007

Beckham Ends Contract With Gillette

David Beckham has ended a lucrative sponsorship deal with Gillette, despite the offer of a new £3 million contract.

In the future David aims to boost his already huge earnings power by pushing for a profit-share agreement in his marketing and sponsorship deals.

A large part of the £125 million, five-year deal signed with LA Galaxy in January was based David receiving a percentage of the revenue that the club makes from increased shirt sales, season-ticket sales and marketing contracts. It is understood that Gillette, was willing to offer the star only a flat fee in a 12-month deal. It signed him to a three-year deal in 2004, but this agreement ran out on June 30.

Now that Brand Beckham is moving to the States they will be looking for bigger more profitable products to promote. I am sure with Simon Fuller the sky is the limit on possiblities for the future.

Beckham's Brands
Adidas £10m a year
Motorola £4.5m
Coty Perfume £4m
Pepsi £2m
Gillette (was)£3m


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brit said...

aww thats a shame i will worship gillette always for giving us the mr beckham skin head