Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Worst Photoshopping In History

Like I said in my post below. I don't count the OK! covers and here is why.

Isn't this the WORST case of photoshopping ever known to mankind?

What is that random hand meant to represent? That they were actually together when this photo was 'supposedly' taken?

That picture is obvious from the Fendi party, and they have coloured her dress from red to black.

I don't know how they get away with:

1. making up the story and
2. creating such a bad picture.

As if Victoria talk about her 'feud' with this tacky mag.

This really is shameful.


Matt said...

WOW, are the serious?. This is the most tacky thing I have ever seen, at least when the national enquirer "makes up" a story, they don't include an interview...>SAD.

Michelle said...

Is This cover really happened??
Do not count on Ok!
shame.. that´s all..

Janie said...

This magazine never fails to amuse me, they either think their readers have the IQ of a frog (maybe so?) or they are just too gready to care whether or not anyone would be taken in by this. HA! you've got to laugh.

snowwhite said...

Hahahahahhahahhaha.....I can't belive...this is so funny....I can't stop to BAD photoshop work......hahahahahahahah...

Ellie said...

ugh, I saw this cover and actually cringed

Anita said...

Lol!!! I agree with you. This really is the worst photoshop job ever!!! Just look at that hand!

nisha said...

omg i literally can not stop laughing everytime i see this.i was in a newsagents and saw this the other day and couldn't help but laugh and people were just loooking at me thinking what the heck is she lauging at.if only they knew.its hilarious how far they can go just to sell this crap magazine.they just go lower and lower eerytime its disgusting but at the same time very funnny.some people actually believe this when they see and read this and thats why people never get to know the truth.victoria would never talk to this magazine i can't be so sure about cheryl though she's just a sneeky bitch.even still this is so purely fake it is really exactly what you said the worst phottoshoppping in history i bet victoria would find this funny.thanks for posting

Sade said...

I know I saw it too and thought, oh lawd, made up drama...Again!!..
A daily paper had an 'exclusive' interview from Jen Aniston for her 40th, and it was just stuff she had already said made up into a 2 pages...soo unoriginal!