Wednesday, 18 February 2009

In Victoria's Closet - Armani Dress

If you are looking at the amazing pictures of Victoria Beckham at Armani store opening tonight in New York, and thinking the dress looks familiar, that's because it is.

Victoria wore exactly the same style dress to Armani Menswear show last month.

It has the same one-shouldered detail, and the same stitch detail above the breast, but tonights dress was shorter and shimmered beautifully.

I am not really blogging at 4am. It is 11pm here in New York.


loredana samuele gabriele said...

Today the Newspaper (much read newspaper in Italy) there are two pages dedicated to Victoria, she says in this interview that you like to go to Italy because she likes Italy and because David is happy in AC Milan .
Ps I agree , she looks is fabulous.
Ciao from Italy

Janie said...

In the site theres a video of Victoria briefly chatting about her collection at the new Armani store opening. She is so happy here! Check it out

Anonymous said...

Victoria - If I had the means to design dresses - they would look exactly like yours!!!! I am going to cut out an image of one of your dresses and put it on my dream board. One day I will wear one of your dresses and feel the power that is evident in your design. Thank you so much for understanding a woman's desire to look beautiful and capable at the same time. Warmly, Cyndi McCarthy