Saturday, 28 February 2009

Latest Quote From Jordan

"Although Victoria Beckham and I have had our problems, Pete said ‘Hello’ to her at Elton’s bash and they got on great".

"So it’s a possibility that the four of us – me, Pete, David and Victoria – will go out for dinner soon and put the past behind us."

AS IF...this woman is beyond deluded.

She needs someone to shake her back to reality, because this is NEVER going to happen.

Why is she so desperate to be Victoria's friend?


Ahlia said...

maybe she wants to be seen with them so she can gain popularity in the states or to use victoria to meet her friends i.e eva, kate, katie and tom those are some of the reasons i can think of. but you are def right DVB they WILL NEVER be friends.they never were when they first met so why start now!besides Peter is freaky!

love ur site!!!visit it all the time ;)

Meg said...

Well it could happen, even the Cold War ended. LOL

Ade said...

The past behind us?..That would mean Victoria had a past with you to put behind. She is so stupid, VB doesn't want to be your friend, give it up and stop using her name to gain a little exposure.

Janie said...

Same reason as everyone else. They want what she has. Style . Class. and David!

Mai said...

she is so gross and i still don't know who she is.

Joanna said...

I love your whole blog, but you seem a little obsessed with Posh! Like you don't know her and stuff and no one can truly know what happened at Elton's party so really who cares? It's bad to hold grudges. People should just forgive and forget. It's not like they did anything that awful to one another anyway.

DVB said...

Joanna, this is a Victoria Beckham fansite, all I write about here is Victoria and David Beckham. That should not be considered obsessed.

I do not have her posters on my wall, I simple like to keep other fans up-to-date.

I should be upset my your remark, but I am guessing that is what you want, but I don't take life that seriously.

Obviously I don't know what really happens behind close doors, but in this case it was Jordan who spoke to a national newspaper TWICE about this incident with Victoria.

It has gone past holding grudges and is more a case of not wanting to be associated with a tacky glamour model.

brit said...

yea, over the years katie has said this a lot i just think she needs to let it go, she can't seem to go a few months with out speaking about victoria....its a tad perthetic now.....

Anonymous said...

Hi DVB, I just found this....

Jordan has rubbished reports she’s fallen out with Victoria Beckham.

The glamour model, real name Katie Price, and Posh didn't talk when they were at the same Oscars party last month.

But Jordan, 30, insists there's no ill feeling between them.

‘It was good to see Victoria,’ she tells The Sun. ‘I saw her from a distance and she looked amazing in that dress.

‘I didn’t bother to say hello because I was just staying at my table.

'There are lots of people I could have gone and said hello to. It doesn’t mean we’re having a feud.’

DVB said...

it is so hard to know what to believe.

Thanks for this