Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Victoria Beckham Talks Comic Relief

I am not sure this video is available outside the UK, but in the first 20 secs Victoria Beckham appears in this BBC video about Comic Relief.

If you then skip to 14.55. You will see Victoria talking about her and David's interview with Ali G.

She explains how embarrised she was when Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G asked them really tricky questions like. When you son grows up does he want to be a footballer like David, or a singer, like Mariah Carey?

If you have not seen the interview view it above. Very funny, but uncomfortable at times.

I love her in this video. The hair and the make-up are gorgeous. I have taken a few screen caps for y'all.


Juliana said...

could someone put it on youtube please?
I'm brazillian, and people who aren't in the UK can't wacht the video.

afad said...

same2! i cant view it either!!

4 of a kind said...

AWH I can't watch it either :( :(

Janie said...

AHHHH Bless, She is SO cute here! lol

Sade said...

OMG! She has such a beautiful smile! David is gorjus!
I hadn't seen that Ali G interview, how cringeworthy!