Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saks Dump Victoria Beckham's dVb Jeans

Saks Fifth Avenue have dumped the dVbline from their stores after the jeans failed to sell as well as had hope.

Critics complained the $300 jeans were overpriced given Victoria Beckham's inexperience as a fashion designer and the fact they were manufactured using cheaper denim from China.

A Saks source told the New York Post that executives there were offended when Victoria chose to sell her dress line exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman in New York and three Neiman Marcus branches instead of their stores.

A source told the paper: "Saks dropped Victoria Beckham's line. They were offended when she sold her dress line to Bergdorf's and not to Saks, even though Saks launched her denim line in their New York store."

"Bergdorf never carried her jeans, but they got her designer line anyway."

"Nobody wanted to buy $300 jeans from someone who is not a trained designer."

Sounds like sour grapes by Saks.


Mai said...

you're right!
they are sour.

Matt said...

Yes the jeans are expensive, but that's not the problem, saks is just jealous she didn't sell her lne to them. shame

Jone said...

The New York Post isn't that good of a source...they write crappy gossip all the time. There is no official quote from Saks in the entire article.

If the jeans were "overpriced and not great quality" Saks would not have bought them in the first place, this is Saks we are talking about, they have expert buyers on their staff.

Meg/ Sweden said...

I own 2 pairs of DVB jeans and they fit wonderfully. They are even more comfortable than the Levi's jeans I had. She isn't a trained designer but so what? Her jeans more than exceeded my expectations and whenever I wear them I get loads of compliment! Victoria does know her stuff!