Saturday, 21 February 2009

AC Milan Will Not Increase Their Bid For David Beckham

AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has revealed that the club have no plans to increase their offer for David Beckham.

Galliani recently claimed that "progress" has been made over agreeing a fee for Beckham, although LA Galaxy chief Tim Leiweke has insisted their bid remains short of the asking price.

And it now appears that talks have reached a deadlock, with Galliani confirming Milan have no intention of upping their bid for David.

Galliani told Gazzetta dello Sport: "Milan have offered what we consider right for an eight-month loan, because, as confirmed by Leiweke, on 30th November David can become a free agent."

"I don't want to cause an argument. I thank Galaxy for having allowed us to have Beckham on loan during these recent months."

"We have no intention of upping our offer. I have the experience to know the price of a player. It doesn't make sense to spend more."

I think Milan are playing the right game. LA will not want to see David go as a free agent in November, so in order to get something, they maybe forced to accept Milan's offer.


Mark said...

No one wants him back in LA now. The damage is done. Why doesn't he just cover the difference himself? Its not a lot of money relative to his earnings and his net worth. He should just shell out 5 million pounds and call it good.

Chikako said...

Is David that desperate to stay in Milan? LA Galaxy wants David back for for their ticket sales and all that. Also they don't want to make themselves look bad since they've promised fans David will be back for the new season. I have a feeling David will be back for another season and move on to somewhere next season.