Friday, 6 February 2009

Victoria Beckham Takes A Flight From LAX

Victoria Beckham was seen arriving at LAX airport yesterday.

I love that she is not wearing her usual head to toe black ensemble with YSL heels. Instead she is wearing head to toe silver.

Her satin silver trench is gorgeous, which she wears with silver crocodile shoes, and carries a Dolce & Gabbana snake skin harlequin leather bag.

Destination? Not sure at the moment, but my first bet would be Milan to support her husband after his announcement this week.

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nisha said...

stunnning refreshing suprsing and very unpredictable god she looks absloutely great.i love the coat and bag even the shoes everything is great.such a nice change from the black we have come to expect from her these days.i hope that we get to see some more colour as i am getting bored of the black even though it loooks great.wonder where she heading.thanks for posting

4 of a kind said...

WOW!!! I 2 love her look.:)

Janie said...

Ooooo I'm loving silver at the momment ever since I saw Audrina from " The Hills" wearing a silver sequened shift dress, Im just mad for it. Love Victoria's trench and the shoes are sweet too.

Poshified said...

I love her full outfit, just GLAMOROUS.
Wonderful women, with wonderful style.
Deserves being nicknamed POSH =D
x H x

Janie said...

Anyone have any ideas on who the shoes are by?

Rebecca said...

Love the silver trench and the shoes.

peach said...

Love the outfit, such a nice change after all the black. Very glamorous!

Lisa said...

I'm telling you she has the most gorgeous and beautiful clothes I've ever seen anyone wear. LOVE LOVE LOVE the trenchcoat! I WANT ONE!

Imaginary said...

She looks fabulous.