Monday, 16 February 2009

What The Press Are Saying About Victoria Beckham's Second Collection

The UK press seem to be slight miffed that Victoria Beckham has shown her second collection in New York. I would say to the UK press, if you showed her any kind of love or respect in the first place, maybe she would not feel the need to show her collection stateside.

The price points for this collection are quite high. They start from £850 up to a high of £4,600 and £4,900 for the more elaborate, long, trained gowns.

Production for this collection will be doubled, so the 400 of Spring 2009, will become 800 for Fall 2009.

The Times said "It's a finely-structured and perfectly-tailored collection to within a centimetre of their lives, passed by her gaze."

The Daily Mail says, "Younger, brighter and leggier: Posh unveils 'accomplished' second collection of dresses."

The Sun says. "CLEAVAGE was definitely out, but legs were IN as far as Victoria Beckham's latest dress range was concerned."

The Guardian says, "The popstar turned fashion designer branches out into more adventurous coats and dresses."


h.yu said...

btw, which stores are currently carrying her denims and sunglasses lines?

pierre said...

yes. i like this.

Lop said...

Don't forget The Telegraph, Hilary Alexandre was lovely as usual.

In the US the reviews have also been warm,, NY Mag, WWD etc

Anne said...

Thanks for the on the spot reporting! I've been meaning to ask do the 400 and 800 numbers mean all dresses combined or, in this case, 800 of each dress? Thanks, Anne

Lara said...

Are you going to buy something from the collection?:)

Fran... said...

I love this collection!!!

I love your blog, I always read your blog. is fantastic

April F said...

Seems like they are giving her pretty good reviews, I am glad she definitely deserves the great, I think her pieces are incredible, she has definitely made her mark in the fashion industry.

Julio said...

perfect this collection!!!!



I lovee your blog! xo

Sade said...

I know Dita would look fabulous in her gowns!!!