Sunday, 15 February 2009

No Celebrities At Marc Jacobs' Fashion Show

I was fully aware that Marc Jacobs has scaled back his New York show when I tried to get tickets, but it has now come to light that this also means cutting back on celebrities.

It has reported that there will be NO celebrities at his show on Monday, so it looks like we'll not get to see Victoria posing so gracefully at his show.

Sorry to be the bring you this bad news.


ji said...

she'll probably leave tomorrow then

DVB said...

The Armani launch is on Tuesday. I am sure she will have to attend that.

Janie said...

Funnily enough dvb i was watching a programme recently on a fashion channel and they were saying that the runway shows have gotten a bit fed up of celebrities having the front row, it used to be a good publicity thing but now the grande dames of haute couture want their front row seats back and can afford to vote with their feet.So it seems the celeb seats are now being eased back in order to appease. Interesting no?

AT said...

Pardon my ignorance, but out of curiousity, do celebrities get paid to attend fashion shows? If yes, what's the scale like?