Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Victoria Beckham At The Armani 5th Avenue Store Opening

Victoria Beckham has been hiding all week.

We didn't even get to see what she wore to the showing of her collection, and I have been biting my tongue about the lack of shopping, dinner paparazzi shots because I KNEW she would wow me tonight.

Victoria walked the red carpet at the Armani 5th Avenue Store Opening looking OUT-FRIGGIN-STANDING.

OMG I just love this girl.

The shimmering dress, the hair, the make-up all PERFECTION.

I can not gush enough about how much I love her here.

This is one of her best looks of all time.

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heather ♥ said...

She looks absolutely STUNNING. I totally agree DVB- one of her best looks of all time!
She has the cutest cheeky smile in some of the pics and is absolutely glowing! The dress is incredible, the shoes are perfect and her hair looks super cute too!
ive been sad by the lack of VB in New York pics too, but this makes up for it 10000 times over.

Wassim said...

THANK YOU GOD! this is fabulous!!! She broke out of the lack phase! it's ALL perfect! Soo glamorous!

Susan said...

she looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

muchlove said...

I know you've already said it, but this is simply PERFECTION! Love love love her.

1205 KPC said...


Sarah said...

Finally some pictures of VB I have been waiting all week to see some pictures and she hasnt dissapointed. Like mnay of you have said she looks beyond amazing the whole look is to die for.

Janie said...

I am definately in agreement here dvb, I'm loving her hair now its starting to change shape and grow out a bit it has become much softer, more feminine, and she looks younger and just dead CUTE! here.

Janie said...

I'm still MAD about silver too BTW dvb.

Lara said...


April F said...

I think you are absolutely right, this is one of the most incredible looks I've seen her in, she is really amazing!! I would love to see her face to face I am sure its breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

She looks soooo hot!! Just beautiful!


pierre said...

truly amazing.
i hope we see more perfection like this soon.

Chikako said...

Victoria's looking smoking hot in the dress! I hope she didn't catch a cold in the cold weather.

snowwhite said... is ok, but i think there is too bare skin... I love this woman and you know that, but this isn't WOW for me...I looove those shoes and make up...but that damn leg...:))))))))))))))))