Monday, 2 February 2009

In Victoria's Closet - Valextra White Bag

Even with her head-to-toe black ensemble, Victoria Beckham added a white bag to her look.

Her stylish bag is from Valextra.

is a Milan-based luxury leather goods company, who make exquisite bags, clutches, luggage and office stationary.

I wonder if it was a gift from the company.

Thanks for the i-D h.yu


Janie said...

My lovely Gran (Nona) told me a bout Valextra bags years ago so I feel quite lucky to have had one passed on to me, ok its not in mint condition but its well loved, my Mum never appreciated it like I do so it stayed in the closet wrapped in tissue and its little felt bag for years before Gran died and then as I'm the oldest and clattered about her house in beads, boas & heels and carried it on my arm(i have cute pics somewhere) I now am proud owner.

Lisa said...

The bag is too plain

Janie said...

Style and class do not have to shout.