Saturday, 14 February 2009

The AC Milan, LA Galaxy, David Beckham Saga Continues

As a lot of you have been commenting, the deal with AC Milan and David Beckham is not completely said and done, despite what the owner of Galaxy says.

Since David has been so public with his desire to stay in Milan, it would be very difficult for David to return with much creditability for the LA Galaxy cause, and the owner - Tim Leiweke - knows it.

It's only now that the uncharacteristic public desire to stay a AC Milan by David Beckham, becomes understandable, as it does not appear he is dealing with a reasonable person.

Like many of you have said, this seems to be a tactic by the Galaxy, to get more money from AC Milan.

AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani is not fazed by all the hype coming from the Galaxy regarding David. He said:

"They do things with great generosity in America."

"Let me remind everyone that Beckham is still here at Milan, and we will see what happens in around a month's time.

"The Americans? I don't think there are using tactics. Lets think about the derby first tomorrow and then we will see."

Sky Sport Italia report that a deal for Beckham has already been reached and that it will be officially announced before the showdown match with Inter on Sunday night.

I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow.


peach said...

ah, the plot thickens.

Well even though I don't really agree with how this whole thing unfolded, I do hope he gets to stay in Italy. It's what he wants.

Sara said...

The fact is David really didnt handle this well, it was a PR nightmare and Simon was NOT happy.However there is no way possible for him to go back, it would be the ultimate humilliation for him so trust they will find a way for him to stay.

baconbuttiespice said...

i will lose respect for him if he goes. true i do not like how this whole thing is going. but he was happy in america until he went on this dam lone. not only that it is true la galaxy was not a good team but it what he was here for. and he new this the day he moved here. all though it true he was the whole team and he had to do everything. and could not do it himself i will truely lose respect for him. for not doing at lest the whole 5 years here in america. after that i would be mad they left america. but i would not lose repect for him but if he goes now i will.

lluviareindeer said...

im praying he gets to stay in Milan. he loves it here. he deserves to play in one the best teams in the world. not some team which didnt even make the play-offs.

Sarah said...

This is such a sticky situation. I really want the Beckhams to stay in LA but David has made things a little difficult for himself. Its going to be an interesting couple of weeks. I really feel sorry for Victoria and the boys they are sort of caught in the middle of this mess.

baconbuttiespice said...

ya i feel really bad for the boys and v to. i love have them in america and they love it here. v has never been happyer. exsuped for when she with david.