Thursday, 5 February 2009

"I WANT TO STAY IN MILAN" Says David Beckham

This is not a tabloid story. This has come straight from David Beckham himself.

You can listen to David Beckham's post match interview with the BBC, in which he expresses his desire to stay in Milan, but says the decision is out of his hands.

He said "I have expressed my desire now to stay in Milan and hopefully the clubs can come to some agreement."

"My main objective is to stay at this club. I enjoy playing here and at the highest level and it would give me more of a chance of being on England's team at the World Cup in South Africa next year."

"I have not spoken to the Galaxy, but someone has from my side and it is literally down to them to come to some sort of agreement and hopefully they will."

I looks like David will be saying arrivederci to the MLS.

I know many of you in the US will be disappointed, but at the same time you must see that this is in his best interests.

David has a get-out clause in his LA Galaxy contract which will allow him to leave the MLS for nothing in November. So in order to make some money out of the deal, Galaxy are likely to cash in on Becks now.


Cleopatra said...

What do you think this means for Victoria and the kids if Milan manages to keep him? She had been gushing about moving to the States and she's barely finished a year.

DVB said...

I was thinking about that, and to be honest, I am really not sure.

She has been at her happiest in LA, that is clear to see.

It would not surprise me if she kept her base in LA and traveled between LA, London and Milan.

Cleopatra said...

True but she would not have the boys schooling in LA while their father lived in Milan. They are way too close a family to be separated in that way.

I think if she tries to get over her love of LA she might find Milan brilliant for her blossoming fashion career.

DVB said...

We will have to wait and see.

Sarah said...

Im a little taken a back. I know he really wants to play at the highest level but he has had so mnay years of that and he had big goals for US Soccer. I also think its going to make things really tough for Victoria and the boys who really seem very settled and happy in America. This looks like its going to be a difficult situation for them to get through

DVB said...

I agree. It is not going to be easy at all.

I am not surprised, but I do feel for Victoria.

This was supposed to be her time, after following him from Manchester to Madrid then LA.

It will not be easy. I predict a lot of tears on the way - privately of course.

Sarah said...

Im actually a little dissapointmed in David. As you have said Victoria has taken a back seat for so long now behind David's career. LA has given her so many opportunities to step out of his shadow I just dont want her to have to compromise again. I hope they will still be based out of LA. Victoria and the boys especially have thir lives set up so well there.

renu7r said...

im really hoping they move to milan. im not from america and a true football fan. and i feel finally we(rest of the world) can see more better football action from David.

peach said...

I am surprised that this announcement comes with no apology to US fans, after he made such a big deal of being an ambassador of football here, trying to raise its profile, etc., and now he has just bailed.

I think he's great, everyone deserves to be happy, but I'm really disappointed in this statement. There should have been an acknowledgment of these issues, IMO.

And I feel very badly for Victoria, although I would imagine Milan would be a fabulous place for her burgeoning fashion career.

Matt said...

I do agree with you. I love Victoria's high profile lif ein LA with all her big names friends... and LA surely has given a lot of opportunities to Victoria. Anyway don't forget Milan is the capital of Fashion. She has quite a lot of high profile friends over here as well. But Anyway I don't think they will stay for ever... IF David get to stay here it will be for a while. They bought a Huge mansion in Beverly Hills, they have business in USA... they will definitely travel or come back in LA after...let's say a year or so.

Meg said...

This is going to be tough for the family but I don't see the kids staying in LA and only seeing their father a few times every few months. So this means another language, friends and culture for them. For Vic she seems very settled in LA and happy with being able to have a pretty normal family life and disappear when she wants. But I think Milan wont be as bad for her as Madrid because she knows some people there and her business base in London is closer but she'll have to find a new routine for the family.

As for David yes it's selfish and bordering on unprofessional but it's the best for him career-wise. I just hope they're able to part and not have too many negative repercussions especially with AEG..

Poshified said...

Well...You know I love the Beckhams, but David has really dissapointed me.
Because he compromised himself to raise US Soccer...
And, I remember, in one post you said (DVB) that David was a man of his word, and that you couldn't see David leaving LA Galaxy because he had compromised himself.
Here we got his final word: he wants to say and I bet this is not only a dissapointment for me...
What about his promises? His wife? Because Victoria is going to be very sad...Or maybe not?
Let's see what time tells us.
Thank you.
x H x

kat said...

I live in the us so it is a little disheartening, but before he came it was a dream to see him and now it's happened 3 times

And im very much a true fan so I'm very happy to see him proving he can still play top flight football so I really hopethis all works out for him

Anonymous said...

When the rumours begin I was thinking he will not stay because of his family. As a football fan I will be happy, but have although thought a lot about Vic and the boys and what this will mean to them.


jamie lynn said...

it does make you wonder about his motivations in his career. he made such a big deal about "changing the face of football" in the u.s. as being the reason for his move here, but now one conjectures if it was only about money. he seems ready to chuck that "goal" out the window to move on to milan.

caligirl said...

I am also disappointed in David. It is very obvious that he is happy in Milan, but he should take that passion and excitement and put it into the Galaxy and do what he came to do. I think if he leaves now he will regret it later. I don't think the US will give him another opportunity if he leaves now. In a few years, his precious England, and all the other clubs are not going to want him, because he will be too old and then what???

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I expected him to be a man of his words!! I know Victoria has always said she supports him 100% but I think he is being a little selfish!!

eagle#18 said...

it sucks that he wants to stay there, but it is good for him. He wasn't successful here, and our MLS sucks. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

What apology? Has this been finallized?

Do you know everything about the actual situation? Every detail of it? Or only from the third party information?

You don't know about their decisions. When did David said his final word? (You often criticize them harshly)

To all who are quick to cast the stone. You don't know everthing about their lives, talks, decisions, contracts, etc. You express your opinions based on what you think, on who you are. Not about the reality. You don't have all the information.

It must be extremely difficult for David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Their every move, word, decision, and lifestyle is criticized (very often HARSHLY and VENOMOUSLY). Even what they wear - as though their every move has to be for other people. If it doesn't fit someone's taste or like(and dislike) they are criticized. I wonder those people must be so perfect that everyone has to live by their standards. But then when I read their comments, they are actually having problems themselves and they projected on the beckhams.

peach said...

Anonymous, as much as I enjoy being condescended to by some blowhard on the internet, please don't psychoanalyze me and imply that I or any other poster must be having problems in our own lives for having an opinion about this.

He made a formal statement that he does not want to come back, so 'finalized' or not, he has put this out there and fans are going to respond. I'm sorry, but I just don't agree with making a huge deal about your plans for football in America, how you are going to raise the profile, how you hope to be an ambassador for the sport, and then just announce you don't want to come back with absolutely no acknowledgment of any of the above. It's really poor politics in my opinion.

For one, what about all the people who have purchased season tickets for the Galaxy based on him playing there?

I am a fan of both David and Victoria. I don't pick them apart, I don't criticize their every move with venom and harshness, so I daresay that you are the one projecting here.

DVB said...

Thank you peach for your response.

As you know I don't like to post anonymous, but as this person directly picked apart yours and others comments, I thought you had the right to reply. Which you have done so gracefully.

I think we are all entitled to our opinions, and other should no judge you for those opinions.

peach said...

thanks dvb, for the opportunity. :)

I love the blog as always.

Sara said...

I don't think there's any big mystery behind this. He wants a chance at the World Cup team and there's no way he'll be happy in MLS after experiencing European football again.

On the flip side fans and critics can have a clear shot at him for breaking his contract and bailing. But honestly I don't think he could have contributed much else to US soccer.

Poshified said...

It's so funny...
You accuse me of critisizing them...
Ok, so you know so much about my life that you even dare to tell that I have problems in my life.
See, you are nothing to me, so I won't even waste my time in giving you more answers than the one above.
I'm a fan of BOTH, David AND Victoria, and, like Peach said, if he puts it out there, fans WILL respond and give THEIR opinions.
DVB, thanks once more!
Take care
x H x

Chikako said...

I knew this was going to happen when he left LA to Milan. It's sad thing as a season ticket holder of LA Galaxy, but the AC Milan is better team for David. The final game of last season was also Galaxy fan appreciation day. Usually David gives away his jersey to a fan but he didn't. I was wondering if he knew that could be the jersey he wore for his last match for Galaxy. I wish he didn't give an interview saying going to Milan is to keep his fitness level up and come back to the MLS season to win a trophy, though. I can see angry face of Galaxy fans. Anyway, I'm happy as long as David keeps playing for England national team. If that takes David staying in Milan, I'm happy with his choice.