Monday, 2 February 2009

David Beckham Skips VIP Party To Watch A DVD

David Beckham shunned a celebrity party at a top nightspot recently.

David had been invited by AC Milan team-mate and captain Paolo Maldini to the 23rd anniversary of Hollywood Disco along with numerous high-profile VIP guests.

Among them were a stream of stunning TV starlets and models such as Melissa Satta and Elisabetta Canalis, who have all been linked to footballers in the past.

Beckham asked bodyguards to check out the venue in the centre of Milan while he waited in his suite at the Principe di Savoia hotel for a report, according to Gazzetta Dello Sport.

But when they told him the VIP section was packed with women, David Beckham sent his apologies and decided for a quiet night in watching a DVD.

The football star himself admitted in an interview with an Italian newspaper last week that he spent most of his nights staying in at the hotel apart from the odd dinner out with team-mates.

It is a shame he had to do that, but we all know that there are many woman looking to create drama, so this was a wise decision.


Anonymous said...

Wise decision indeed. There are just too many whores out there who will do anything to get in the papers, even if they only pose for a picture with him. Some girls/women have no shame, and they don't care that he's married and has 3 kids, i'm very glad he stayed in the hotel, because we really don't need another "cheating" stories to surface.


Fashion Blogger said...

"It is a shame he had to do that, but we all know that there are many woman looking to create drama, so this was a wise decision. "

I totally agree with you! I love this blog, you always do a great job! I'd really like to see a post with some info about Beckham's houses, especially the so called BECKHINGAM PALACE. THANKS

Anonymous said...

Great move from Dave. With so many gold-diggers out there, that was very wise.

enchantress said...

he's a smart guy. victoria is lucky.
gosh...i just love him more!
but, most of all, i love them together.

Anonymous said...

It was a wise move! The press would have jumped at Victoria for being away and leaving him lonely... it would have been Madrid 2003-04 all over again!

Nick said...

do u have more pictures??

pierre said...

DVB i just wanted to let you know that the dVb style website has been officially taken down and now links to the Victoria Beckahm Dress Collection website.

Mai said...

he made a great choice! no need for all those drama.

Janie said...

To right he should stay away from anything that may cause controvesy. Anyway i don't suppose he's too bothered. He misses Victoria and proberbly spent the night talking on the phone to her, as well as watching a film. It must be exhusting for him lately too getting back up to that top level of fitness, perhaps he could do with an early night?

posh lover said...

Hi FC,
VB is the cover girl of the new issue of italian VF which is out tomorrow.
Here's the cover:

loredana samuele gabriele said...

Today I am very happy, in fact, the Italian press has called apologizes to David, because he has proven to be a serious professional, a person humble and intelligent, the Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere della Sera, there are 2 great articles on Beckham. I hope that the British press do the same, because they have massacred the Beckhams.

Michelle said...

Reading this we alms can think that he´s beem the right way, acting like a grow man!!!