Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Victoria Beckham On The Cover Of Vanity Fair Italy

Victoria Beckham continues to impress me with her magazine covers. This is her 3rd one this year after Vogue Russia and Harper's Bazaar US.

You may recognise the picture, and that is because the image is from her Harper's Bazaar shoot.

I will guess that the rest of the editorial will be from the same shoot too.

Hopefully we will get extracts from the magazine soon.

Thanks Posh Lover.

OK here are some extracts from Style.it. I am using google translator, so excuse if some of it does not make sense.

Victoria Beckham is somewhat curious. Viewed from the pages of the newspapers, she seems a creature from another planet. Then, to speak to her we understand that she is no alien..

Do you like Milan?
"Very much. I know many people, especially in the fashion world ... They have written that I would not set foot there because it is polluted, but I never said nothing of the sort. "

What would like to read about yourself?
"... I would like people to understand the real Victoria."

What would it be?
"A mother who takes care of her children. A wife who is fortunate to have a man alongside her who is her soul mate. A fashion designer who hopes to be appreciated for the quality of her clothes ... "

Are you concerned about aging?
"No. I really enjoy the idea that David and I grow old together ... "

How did you meet?
"At a football match. Stroke of lightning. We are in love more than ever. People do not know how spiritual and intelligent he is... "

Is he Romantic, too?
"The both of us are. Cards, dinners, surprises ... "

At home in the evening, what do you do?
"We very much like to watch TV series. Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy ... "

"Would you like to have more children?"

"'If it happens, I'd love too. You can't choose what you have but after three boys I would love a girl. You know, I love girls...as girlfriends, as interesting interlocutors...".

Your clothes are sold in different parts of the world - not in Italy, but through the website www.net-a-porter.com - ... As the Victoria entrepreneur do you want to do next?
"Always competing, always anxious to outdo myself."

With the Spice Girls, after the reunion of 2007 is it over for ever?
"For me, yes ... But the friendship remains ... "

She also said that there is a 'gay man' inside her who wants to come out. 'Just as I love women, I love gay men. I always say it, inside me there is a gay who wants to come out.'

'With heterosexual men I have nothing in common - excluding my husband, brothers and father you understand."

In the end she (Victoria) leaves walking in her stilettos that make me feel dizzy, wearing a self-designed LBD that clings to her body.

If your translating skills are better than mine, you can read the Vanity Fair interview here.


Mark said...

she looks better with long hair

Anonymous said...

This is one of her best covers ever. If only it was used for US Harper's Bazaar.



Ivanna said...

I love when she gets covers, but I hate when they recyle her photos and use quotes that weve all heard before. From the video we saw, this photo shoot had a lot of different shots that we didnt see in Bazaar, so maybe the'll be in this mag. Fingers Crossed

DVB, I was trying to ask you on a different post, Next Friday starts New York Fashion Week, do you know if Victoria has anything planned collection wise, I would love to see her do a fall/winter collection. If not I would at lets like to see her at a few shows, lets see if she turns up in New York.

Meg said...

Great cover. Love the dress, I just noticed the details on the hips, didn't know that there was a white version of the Barbazan dress.

Dorian Gray said...

Tomorrow I will scan all the issue and then I'll try to translate the article written by Silvia Paoli (a great italian fashion journalist).

Rebecca said...

I love that she has been on so many covers. Maybe I will cut my hair short afterall.

Gurpreet said...

k did anyone notice that katie holmes cut her hair really short now too? it seems that whatever victoria does, katie has to copy it!

DVB said...

Thanks Dorian.

I tried to do it from Style.it, but not sure if I am right.

iart said...

I think she says:
I would like that you to know the real Victoria.

Victoria said...

She looks absolutely fabulous!!!!

Tamara said...

The part where you asked for help:

They probably asked her: "what would you like to read about yourself".
And she answered:
"I would like you to catch(get, capture) the real Victoria."


Michelle said...

This cover is really glam.. I loved her dress.. So fashion!

About the interview.. i simply love her.. she is so kind as usual, kind.. a complete wife and mom!!

I´m just sad about the end of the SG, i waited so much to see them togueter, em now, they did not come to Brasil, and i could see the gils anymore!

Janie said...

@(help) I would like you/ people to understand the real Victoria, but don't shoot me my Italian not great either.

Janie said...

@(help) or might be "understand the real Victoria" actually?

DVB said...

thanks for your help.