Wednesday, 4 February 2009

David Beckham's Lawyers In Talks With LA Galaxy Over Extending His Stay At Milan

According to Adriano Galliani the Milan manager has confirmed that Beckham's lawyers are talking with the LA Galaxy. This is what he had to say:

"Beckham's lawyers are talking with Los Angeles Galaxy who are the legitimate owners of his contract. If they are available to face a negotiation, we shall be very happy to do so. Right now there is neither optimism nor pessimism. The player is of Galaxy, we hope that they decide to sell him, but if they don't change idea, the player is theirs. We will try to purchase him or obtain him on loan until the end of the season or sign him, otherwise we will all be sorry, starting from me, because Beckham will have to leave. The players can make their choices, but the clubs can say no to their wishes. Los Angeles Galaxy have always been nice to us and behaved in a very good manner. In any case right now there is no negotiation and there is no offer. There are Beckham's lawyers who are talking to Los Angeles. To start and close an eventual negotiation there is still time until March 8."

I knew this was coming. David has been doing so well. I hope this goes the way I hope.

The pictures are of David arriving at Glasgow Airport, ahead of tonight's friendly match against Rangers.

CLICK HERE to see a video of David's arrival.


Anonymous said...

My heart beats faster when I read this, I'm so afraid they will not let him leave.


Marnie said...

Oh, I hope he is successful. I think this is his hearts dream at the moment.

Do you think they would move back to either the UK or to Italy? I get the impression the US really agrees with VB ... I wonder if she really would rather not leave?

Either way, wishing for the best for both of them ... ... for ALL of the Beckhams. :)

dj said...

anyone knows wat bag he is carrying???
im a fan of his fashion sense. and i love to know wat brand he carries.

anyone knows?? thanks for help :)

Janie said...

I hope David gets what he wants as he has said himself when he's happy everyone else is too so I'm sure V wouldn't want to stop him... But I also hope Victoria gets what she needs too. Its gonna be a tricky one thats for sure. And I have to say that it shouldn't really be about what either of them wants but what the children are happy to do. I remember moving hommes and countries quite a bit as a young child and having to leave friends behind can be devestating when your little.