Saturday, 28 February 2009

Brown Thomas To Stock Victoria Beckham Collection

The luxury department store Brown Thomas in Ireland is due to finally stock Victoria Beckham's dress collection.

Tne store will stock Victoria's autumn/winter collection for its flagship Grafton Street store, and is due to hit rails in July.

The Fall 2009 collection is only going to be in 12 stores Worldwide, so this is a massive coup for the Dublin store, and will be good news, due to the fact that they were not selected to receive the Spring 2009 collection.

The Fall collection will start from €950 for the cheapest dress, going up to €5,490 for the more elaborate gowns at Browns Thomas.

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ericalouise2009 said...

yesssss yesss ( insert very happy face here ) at long last im defo saving up my money for my fav its gonna be a while thou i hope they dont have a private sale ,i wish the would stock the new season also it would be brilliant