Friday, 6 February 2009

"Milan Is More Important Than Money", Says David Beckham

In a new interview with Corriere dello Sport, David Beckham has said "At the moment, Milan is more important than money. I want to think about football before everything else. I said in a clear manner what I think, I want to stay at Milan because I’ve rediscovered myself as a football player."

"The immediate aim is to stay here in Milan and play at the highest level possible," he said. "This would give me the best possibility of securing a place with the England national team."

"Not even I thought the situation could go so well so quickly. In truth I was expecting to do well at Milan, but I was never expecting to enjoy myself this much," Beckham said.

I was very against David going to the Galaxy in the first place. I said this from the very beginning. No disrespect to Galaxy fans, but since his last game at Real Madrid, and excluding the England games, I have hardly seen him play live.

I am happy he now has a chance to come back to Europe, and play at the highest level, but I must say I am very shocked at the amount of interviews he is giving on the subject.

He is being so vocal, which is so uncharacteristic. He must be really desperate to stay in Milan.


kat said...

I think he really has rediscovered himself, cause when he signed with the galaxy i'm willing to admit he hadn't been playing his best, but almost immediately after he started picking it back up (winning the title) and I think being back in that environment he's realized he can still do it and likes working for his spot

Like you I have found his being so vocal out of character and perhaps borderline unprofessional as he is still technically a galaxy player. Having said that I think what he's doing is necessary as it puts pressure on the galaxy and no one including true fans want a player on their team that doesn't want to be there. I'm very happy he's having the success he is although I do feel a little slighted being an American but like I said before I'm just very happy that I did get to meet him and get some autographs and as a true fan I'm glad he's proving what he's capable of (it certainly makes defending him quite easier)

Sofia Muscatello said...

I am actually happy for him. Although him leaving LA is really sad :( (I live in California) but he is doing so well there and seems so happy. I have to admit no one can play well on the galaxy aside from Landon Donovan. So it must be fun for him to actually have a team that has really talent.

Steph from Australia said...

I'm so disappointed at the fact that he's being so vocal about it. It is absolutely unprofessional and i feel like he's going to have to eat his words at some point in the future. He should take all his frustration to his hotel room and yell as much as he wants instead of giving interviews. I feel like his legal team haven't warned him on the dangers of doing this.

I personally couldn't care whether he wants to stay in LA or move to Milan. Because at the end of the day - footballer or not - it's his comfort and happiness that matters the most. He's human just like the rest of us and i'm sure most people wouldn't put other people's happiness before theirs...

Having said that, it's still suprising with this interview of his. I'm waiting to hear what the LA Galaxy would come up with when they finally make a statement. Not to be a party pooper, but what if at the end of the day they don't let him go? Or what if Milan decides to drop their bid for him?

For his sake and that of Victoria's, i hope this doesn't happen..