Thursday, 26 February 2009

Victoria Beckham In This Weeks Grazia

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wannabeposh said...

I feel these stories are just complete rubbish. She might have worked out a little for the Armani shoot to tone, but she has always looked the same...not really a difference in her appearance at all in the past "five months". She's still gorgeous, but I despise how magazines can just make stuff up like that.
It sends out false messages and promotes unhealthy body images.

Kelly said...,,20261574,00.html

Just a heads up!

Kat said...

I'm sure you've already seen this dvb but just in case are reporting David is actually staying at George clooneys villa

Sara said...

'It took me 5 months to get this body' :| Victoria wouldn't said this.

Anonymous said...

I certainlly agree with you wannabeposh, they don't care about people, as long as they will earn money for their magazine!

I'm a daily visitor for this BLOG and I love it here..

I love victoria too.. she's sooooo fierce!