Friday, 27 February 2009

Victoria Beckham Was A No Show At Emporio Armani's Fall 2009 Show

Some of you will not be surprised, but Victoria Beckham was a no show at Giorgio Armani's Emporio Fall 2009 show yesterday.

I know she is the face of the underwear line, but I did expect that she would be making an appearance in the front row.

Today is the presentation of the main Giorgio Armani line and Monday is Dolce & Gabbana's presentation, so there is still time for her to make an appearance, but at this rate, it maybe unlikely.


cass said...

i knew it! yet i was hoping to see her at the show. i'm quite sure she got her invitation.. what's wrong with her?

Victoria proved that she doesn't care about friendship or business commitments. the only thing that matters is her own line.. i guess she doesn't feel the need to support her designer pal and business partner. i didn't expect that of her and i'm really disappointed in her unproffesional and ungrateful attitude.

Loan said...

She is going to be in Milan soon, as she is scheduled to make an appearance at a private luncheon for a shoe store on Monday, so perhaps she'll also go to D&G then. She is in LA with her KIDS, that is more important than going to a fashion show, she's really only just returned from NY afterall.

Sarah said...

Im a little suprised at her lack of attendance at both New York fashion week and also Milan fashion week so far. Hopefully she will make an appearance at a few shows before the month is through.