Thursday, 26 February 2009

David Beckham Moves Into George Clooney's Lake Como Pad

It has been reported today that since David has been based in Milan, he’s been house-sitting for George Clooney who’s away filming.

The pair became friends last year after being introduced by Giorgio Armani at the Met Ball in New York and, since then.

George - who has been in the States filming an episode of ER - offered David his home after meeting the Beckhams last year.

David has previously spoken of his admiration for George, admitting the 47-year-old star’s handsome looks helped him come to terms with his own greying hair.

He said: "I've noticed a bit of grey, but as long as it's George Clooney grey I don't mind."

So cute, I love that they are friends.

Thanks to Kelly & Kat for the heads up.

UPDATE: George Clooney’s rep has dismissed reports that claim the actor will rent his Italian villa to David Beckham, calling the rumors "100 per cent not true."

"One hundred percent not true,"
Clooney’s rep told E! News. "George is filming in America at this time. He is not renting the house to anyone, and that would include David."

What a huge shame :(

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srah said...

does clooney have a house in milan?