Friday, 6 February 2009

Victoria Beckham In Grazia UK

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Scanned and tagged by me


nisha said...

thanks for scannning hope everything works out weell for the whole family however that maybe

Janie said...

Oh dear.

jacky said...

very tense situation huh :(((
I wonder what will happen, I hope they remain in LA! ;_;

Loe said...

She stated in VF Italia that she likes Milan and can live anywhere. She doesn't need to LIVE IN LA to enjoy the Hollywood contacts and attending the odd event! It's not like she goes out that much in LA ANYWAY!

Hin Devy said...

I really support David's willing to stay at Milan. It's good for his career. i also think that Milan is a great place for Vic in her fashion career

Sarah said...

I dissagree with what some of you have said. I dont think its as easy as that to get up and move to yet another country after you have just settled in a have a great life somewhere else that you have worked hard to build. I really feel for Victoria and the children in this situation. I mean Davids Career is important but its taken priority for so many years would it be that bad if it played second fiddle for a change after a great deal of compromising Victoria has had to do in the past.

Sarah said...

And for what its worth I hope they stay in LA

Anonymous said...

Victoria has always had a career and David has never stood in her way. He has always been supportive.

With all the media pressure and the attention on a high profile/public marriage to a celebrity pop star, David has had to compromise a lot, as a footballer, which I think certainly contributed to his early exit from Old Trafford.
They have NEVER lived like a regular 'normal' family....even when David was based in Manchester and I think that that certainly contributed to the tensions in his relationship with Alex Ferguson.

I really do not think people should look at this as some kind of power struggle between them.

David has the right to live his dream, his passion and his CALLING to the fullest and in so doing he will inspire his kids to do the same and be successful.

I do think media/tabloid pressure and this obsession with their marriage/personal life has had a lot to do with the move to America.
The constant discussion of their marriage/family life I think has been detrimental to both.
People should really just focus mainly on their career really as you do not even know what goes on behind closed doors.
I personally think that they should stop promoting themselves as a couple/family brand in the media spotlight. They should both focus on their careers/calling.

David is rightfully making the news headlines for his skills as a footballer and I am happy for him. His credibility as a great athlete is restored and he has as he said rediscovered himself as a footballer.