Saturday, 14 February 2009

Giorgio Armani New York Store Opening

I am just looking for some information on parties I want to crash here in New York, and I found out that Giorgio Armani will be having a store opening preview and reception on Tuesday 17 February.

If VB does make it to New York, I am sure she will attend this event, as she is the body of the brand.


Anonymous said...

Previous reports show the date 18th for Armani Flagship Store Opening.


batool said...

hey DVB,theres more news about david.....well da galxy hav said that milan did not make any more offers for david so hez gonna return back to LA as per shedule!!!!:(

DVB said...

ELECTRA, this event IS taking place on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

It might be some pre-opening party then, because the store will open its doors on 18th. Search on Yahoo or Google and you'll get the date for 18th.

I hope you're enjoying your time in NYC. And good luck with meeting VB!!!