Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Trouble With Being David Beckham

The trouble with being David Beckham is that he is GORGEOUS, and that he gets mobbed by girls, which I am sure happens everyday.

While enjoying himself in Seouls Circle Club, along with his team-mates, Beckham started chatting with a group of girl fans.

And it was then that a blonde in clingy black dress curled her arm around his neck.

It was her dream come true, The Sun newspaper quoted reveller Winter Kim, as saying.

Beckhams spokesman said: "He was approached by lots of people wanting to kiss him and pose for pictures".

"It happens everywhere he goes. Theres nothing more to it"
, the spokesman added.

I totally agree, but no doubt Victoria will be furious with him none the less.

Everyone with a camera phone took a picture of him no doubt, they would have all known he was there. He would not be stupid enough to do anything to jeopardise "Brand Beckham" with a random girl, in the middle of a nightclub.

I only posted these pictures so you can here a sane justification and not a tabloid version of events, which I read yesterday and today.

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