Friday, 28 March 2008

Kitson Complain That Victoria Beckham Will Not Promote dVb In Their Store

Fraser Ross, owner of the Los Angeles-based Kitson stores, said his number-one issue with celebrity clothing lines is the lack of participation from the celebrities.

"There has to be more support for their retailers. The celebrity has to be 100 percent involved with their own line and they have to be willing to support the retailers who are selling it. Having a clothing line should be treated by them as no different than selling an album or promoting a movie," he said. "I'm fighting right now with Victoria Beckham's people because she lives here in L.A., we sell her line and she won't come in here to do an appearance. We have customers asking if she will come in and what am I supposed to tell them? She lives here, she really should come out and support her fans, the people buying her jeans."

As you all know Victoria Beckham has made numerous personal appearances at Saks Fifth Avenue and Holt Renfrew recently.

Personally I don't see Victoria promoting her product there. Victoria has said on many occasions that she wants the dVb brand to be synonymous with high end stores, and to me Kitson is very much a t-shirt stores were people like Heidi Montag go and shop just to get papped by the paparazzi. Kitson also has the likes of Paris Hilton promoting her crappy ass line in the store, so no wonder she wants to stay away.

The picture above is when Victoria last did a promotion at Kitson back in June 2005. That was when she was under contract for Rock and Republic.



Amber said...

She looks gorgeous, this photo makes me wish she would get her extensions back.

Thomas said...

OMG...I never realized that my friend and I are in the photo!!! We actually got to talk to David and Victoria the day she did the Kitson promotion!!! I am sooo saving this photo!!!

Allie said...

As much as I love Kitson, I'm really glad Victoria is staying away. As you said, I see her selling more towards high end customers. Kitson tends to serve to socialites and reality stars.

Also- would you be able to let us know when the DVB site is back up running?

Fashion Critic said...

thomas, which one are you?

peach said...

yeah, thomas, spill!

I love her look here. So young and hip and fresh. Some of her recent looks are a little too "astronaut's wife" for my taste.

VB, grow out that pob! ;)

Janie said...

Well done Thomas, wish i could say that! and i agree with you F.C. Kitson is an " i wannabepapped" store.

Maya said...

Well I may be alone on this, but I think what Victoria is doing is wrong. Kitson shouldn't be a dvb vendor if she thinks it's so low class. If she's too good to go there then she should also be too good to sell her stuff there. She wants the profits from "socialites and reality celebs" but doesn't want to step in to the same store as them?

Thomas said...

I'm one of the guys behind her wearing sunglasses. I'm the Asian one closest to her.

jessica said...

Nah she should not promote in there