Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Fraud That Is OK! Magazine

I am one who believes that since the UK edition of OK! magazine is now considered a down-market magazine, Victoria and David Beckham no longer give them "exclusive" interviews.

I do not believe Victoria would speak a magazine that has Jordan aka Katie Price on the cover every other week as they hate each other. Jordan also "writes" a column in the magazine every week, so this just goes to show how low grade this magazine has become.

I found it very funny this week when OK! claimed they have an "exclusive" interview with David and Victoria and stunning pictures.

I flicked through the magazine when I saw it yesterday - as I was not willing to pay for such crap - and could not help but laugh. For starters the cover is very heavily edited - his tie, her dress - and very clearly a cut, paste and photoshop of the picture of the Beckhams after their interview with Barbara Walters last year.



peach said...

That photoshop on their outfits is so tacky and obvious. Low class magazine, def.

Anonymous said...

wow thats so lame!

Amber said...

Haha I agree with everything you said FC. I hate hate hate Jordan and her "husband". They are so tacky and desperate.

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