Monday, 31 March 2008

Victoria Beckham Throws A Posh Birthday Party For Her Mum's 60th

Victoria Beckham threw a truly Posh 60th birthday party for mum Jackie yesterday - as guests drank vintage pink champagne at Claridge's.

More than a dozen family members and close friends were invited to the party at the famous London five star hotel.

Victoria had hired a private room and the food was by Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at the hotel.

Guests including Victoria's sister Louise and David's mum Sandra joined Jackie and husband Tony for the six-hour party.

One onlooker said: "Victoria arrived first just after midday to make sure everything was perfect and she was still partying away hours later.

"I saw at least five bottles of Laurent Perrier pink champagne leave the room empty - and it costs £85 a bottle".

"But it was clear from the amount of bubbly going into the room that money was no object and Victoria really wanted to spoil her mum and her friends. Everyone was smiling - it looked like a really cool party."

Victoria had arrived - with her driver and bodyguard - in a white embroidered dress custom-made from Giambattista Valli and a fake fur wrap (she also wore the wrap to Paris Fashion Week). During the next few hours, guests went into the room, with most carrying presents for Jackie.

At about 3pm, slices of birthday cake with individual candles were given out. The onlooker added: "It seemed like all the guests were enjoying themselves. Victoria has known everyone in the room for a long time so she felt she could really let her hair down."

She looks stunning in that dress. I can't wait to get more pictures, and I will add them to this post later.



maryna said...

so David's father wasn't there?

erica said...

wow that dress is stunning please do get more pics ! i love what she is wearing lately !

Rock*Star said...
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toni said...

she looks fabulous

Anonymous said...

this might possibly be one of the best outfits she has ever worn!!

Rock*Star said...
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peach said...

I love that the fur is faux. She looks stunning. I adore this dress!